If you’re reading this, you would have probably experienced someone said this to you or said to someone in front of you.

A Person with Success mindset likes to take Risks in life.

There was a time in my life where I took a risk by entering into a new place,where there are new people and Completely new language,

Life has begun at a very fast pace.

As I am fond of learning new things, I used to try everything that could possibly help me to grow in my career and interests.

So That was the time where many people used to laugh at me by saying “Nah Hindi aatha nah english aatha tu kya karega re”.

Trust me it’s difficult initially to take those words,

These words used to make me upset sometimes.

But eventually, I started taking their words as fuel for the fire inside me to grow in my career that can be anything I just challenged myself every day.

But being honest I was a typical south Indian guy who couldn’t even speak proper English and having zero knowledge of Hindi.

But my only focus is to grow in my career and considered these pretty small challenges as just passing clouds which I knew I will overcome one day.

I just Trusted the process and had a Self Belief.

So 1 year Later the same people got surprised and started asking me how I learnt this language.

Now people often say that my hindi sounds as i am a native hindi speaker haha.  

The same me who can’t even speak proper English has started making Content in English. public speaking, Dealing with projects all Over India.

Gave lots of interviews and Impressed by many CEOs and even cracked some of those interviews.

I don’t say i am perfect at english.

Even no one needs to be perfect when you are just starting.

The thing you need is the courage to start.

Thats the” Power of Intiative”

Is language a barrier?

A person’s communication is based on his/her ease in communicating their knowledge or query or anything.

Language is just a choice. (Which can be learnt eventually)

Okay, language is needed.

But how can one judge, Degrade or pass some shitty statements on others based on the language they are speaking?

Instead of Degrading or commenting others start helping them to learn your language.

Even it’s the pride for you, Where one is keeping efforts to learn your own language.

Respect all.

Dare to take Initiatives.

Have you faced any language barrier in your life?

Leave a comment and let me know

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K Naaga Pravallika · April 5, 2021 at 1:50 am

The way you described the language problem was very interesting, you made people’s mouth shut with your confidence, it’s not all about language but it’s about the confidence with which you learnt it.

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