Is Inorganic Reach Still Existing? Why are FB ads wasting all my money?

Fb Ads Don’t Work Anymore?  Why am I not able to generate leads through Fb ads? 

If you are a Business Owner or a Digital Marketer you would be well known with the Term Facebook Ads.

And If you Have felt the same as above.

Yes, Facebook ads don’t work anymore in 2021…..

Facebook ads

Until and Unless You Understand how to target audience on facebook ads

This article is to the point that focuses on giving you a clear-cut understanding to master the Right Targeting & Maximize your ROI from Fb ads.

Unless you don’t Understand this Game of Right Targeting you will be wasting all your money.

When I have started with Fb ads It’s pretty overwhelming to me, to understand these right targeting options, with deep-down Research I eventually able to get it.

So I made it easy for you by Cutting Down them into 3 Tips.

  1. Make Sure Your Buyer Persona is Ready

         Buyer Persona is a Research-Based profile that depicts your ideal customer demographically along with their Interests, Goals & pain points, how they make decisions.

You need to make Your buyer persona in order to understand and address your Ideal Customers needs So that you can serve your target customer accordingly.

You can have multiple buyer personas according to your business need.

It’s also required in Facebook ads, 

Once you Got your Buyer persona Ready now you can narrow down your target while you are creating your ad campaign.

That will result in low CPC ( Cost per Click ) which plays a pivotal role in Fb ads.

  1. Setting Up your types of Audience

Facebook ads cannot perform targeting on their own and give you the best result until you define your types of the audience clearly.

How it looks when you run a business manufacturing Fashion and trendy jeans for teenagers, but your Facebook ads campaign is displaying this ad to a 70-year-old man who is using Facebook.

Will it be anywhere related? 

No right.

Before the evolution of this internet, we used to watch all the ads on tv where there is no option of targeting a specific type of audience for the company.

But this Digital World made it easy for companies to target the right set of audience for the ad campaigns according to their requirement and product.

So it’s important to have your facebook ads targeting strategies in order to gain good ROI on facebook.

      There are some quite good facebook ads targeting tools in the market which can help you.

           The audience used while targeting is divided into 3 types

             Saved Audience, Custom audience, Lookalike audience

            Saved Audience

Saved Audience is the audience whom you can define based on their Location, Demographics, Language, Interest, Income etc.

When you are targeting based on the locations you can specifically target the audience based on their Country, State, City, Market area, Postal Code, Specific address Radius.

Demographics based targeting can be on Age, Gender, Language

Detailed Targeting is an important aspect that plays a key role in right targeting. We will discuss this in the later sections of the article.

Custom Audience

If you have gone to search for something in google and while you are in the process to find it out, if you went through some other website Intentionally or by mistake.

And next time when you open your Facebook feeds an ad from that particular website suddenly appears.

Have you experienced this anytime before?

If yes, do you know how Facebook knows that you have gone to that particular website?

It’s because of the custom audience targeting set up done by that particular website owner or a person who operates Facebook ads on behalf of the owner in their Facebook ad campaign. 

Out of all the types of audience the custom audience are highly valued targeting, As facebook is providing the option to retarget your past website visitors and people who have engaged with your content or app.

Create custom audience based on your website traffic

Website traffic-based audience type in Facebook allows you to do remarketing campaigns for the people who are already interested in your content.

And its a highly valued type of audience to target in order to increase your ROI and get more conversions.

To run this retargeting campaign you first need to install a Facebook pixel on your website to allow Facebook for tracking the activities of the visitors on your website.

In case if you don’t have an idea about Facebook pixel and how to install it on our website Do read this article

Lookalike Audience

This Facebook lookalike audience gives you an amazing Feature to target the audience that matches your Existing Customer Base.

In order to set up this lookalike audience, you need to first set up your custom audience and then tell Facebook that you want to reach the audience that lookalike the custom audience.

  1. Maximize Your ROI with Detailed Targeting

The Common thing that matters a lot is Facebook ads Spend.

Detailed targeting can play a crucial role in reducing the ad spend if it’s done right.

Targeting the audience based on their Interests, Behaviour can give you the best  ROI     

Let’s assume that You are a Tourist Guide in Arunachal Pradesh. If you want to Run ads and in order to actually reach the set of audience who are likely to convert.

You can target people based on their interest, like people who follow famous places of  Arunachal Pradesh on Facebook and behavioural wise targeting people who actually booked a hotel in Arunachal Pradesh for the coming days

This can narrow down your Audience and can reduce your Ads spend.

And Maximizes your ROI with good conversions.

Bonus tip:

 If you are a beginner its always recommended to go with detailed targeting in order to narrow your audience and get the results that you have aimed for with less ad spend.

Interest-Based targeting is a good way to go much, But to get enough conversions under your planned ad spends better to go with Very specific interests which gives sense and have some market.

Google Ads is also good option if you have good budget in hand.

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Do read this article if in case your ad account got banned!

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